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We at Repp and Mundt have been part of some of the most detail oriented Restoration projects in the area

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Repp and Mundt is your source for Retrofitting and Restoration Construction in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Repp and Mundt, Inc. is adept at restoration, both inside and out.

It’s inevitable that structures will age and outgrow their original functions. With changes in technology and lifestyle, construction and design are constantly updated to meet modern demands, and older structures are left in the wake of change. Those sensitive to history may prefer to restore older structures to their former glory; however, costs often make this plan unrealistic. An alternate concept is “adaptive reuse” – a process of retrofitting old buildings for new uses, which allows structures to retain their historic integrity while providing for occupants’ modern needs.

In the pursuit of sustainable development, communities have much to gain from adapting and reusing buildings. Bypassing the wasteful process of demolition and reconstruction alone makes adaptive reuse attractive. Environmental benefits, combined with energy savings and the social advantage of repurposing a place with valued heritage, make adaptive reuse an essential component of sustainable development. Historic buildings provide a glimpse of our past while lending character and serving a new practical purpose in our modern communities. An old factory may become an apartment complex, a rundown church may find new life as a condominium, or an old office building may be transformed into a vibrant retail facility. In many ways, an adaptive-reuse project can invigorate a community by meeting the changing needs of the population.

The opportunities of exercising Repp and Mundt’s masonry and carpentry skills have led us to some very satisfying accomplishments where we have converted old buildings to new uses: stores to offices, old motels to new super complexes.

In the era of stricter zoning restrictions, we invite you to consider allowing us to convert old properties to new uses· as an economical way of solving your space problems.

Working with Repp and Mundt

We enjoy our work and our proud of our clients, employees, subcontractors and our communities. Our Critical Success Factors are our commitment to customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, commitment to our communities In which we work, the safety of all of our clients and employees, and growth of our company and our clients and subcontractors.

Restoration Projects

We are proud of the fine Restoration projects we have had the honor to build. Below are just a few examples. Take a look... we think you will be impressed.

Hanover College Residential Hall Renovation
Hanover College Residential Hall Renovation
Hanover College Dining Hall Renovation
Hanover College Dining Hall Renovation
Zwanzig Brewery Facility
Zwanzig Brewery Facility

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We are proud members of some of the finest organizations in our industry.



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