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Hanover College Dining Hall Renovation

Project Description

The Underground at Hanover College was an underutilized student union center. The renovation emphasizes student needs. The space maintains its dining and mail-service capabilities, and clearly defined areas that promote eating, independent and group study, and relaxation help enhance student use.
The challenge for designers was to integrate mail, dining, study and relaxation areas into one unified, cohesive environment. Contouring varied ceiling elevations with flooring materials, high-backed booths and curtainwalls provide space definition without creating seclusion. The various spaces are united through a complementary color palette of red, gold and orange.
An open-windowed curvilinear wall offers separation without creating a stark division. The wall reflects the curvature of the “living room,” a carpeted area containing an upholstered loveseat and lounge chairs, a round coffee table, a recessed fireplace surrounded by built-in bookshelves, and a movable curtainwall.
The Underground has become an integral part of the Hanover College experience.

General Contractor work included all facets of construction.

Project Details

Hanover College
Hanover, Indiana
Ashland Equipment a division of Singer MD, LLC