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Commercial Construction

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Commercial Construction

We at Repp and Mundt have enjoyed being a part of many grand openings for our customers.

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Repp and Mundt is the choice for Retail, Restaurant and Hotel Commercial Construction in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Commercial building requires a “flare” to attract, keep, and maintain customers. Repp and Mundt understands the importance of a stellar grand opening.

We at Repp and Mundt have enjoyed being a part of many grand openings for our customers.

Repp and Mundt is Indiana’s first choice in Commercial General Contractor services, we have had the chance to work with various commercial, residential, city, state, federal, and military projectsover the last 70+ years of being in business. Repp and Mundt works with many different clients. They call us when they need to build new commercial buildings, remodel older buildings, or add on to their existing buildings. Regardless if it is metal buildings, block buildings, or wood-framed buildings.

Repp and Mundt can help with various types of commercial remodeling projects. That consists of new offices, building updates, infills, or build a complete remodel. While staying in your budget and within a certain time frame.

If you plan to build a strip shopping center, free-standing restaurant or hotel, we are here for you. We study traffic flow, ingress and egress, and all of the fine details that help make your retail venture a success.

Contact us when you are ready to build or need recommendations to move forward with your commercial building project.

Working with Repp and Mundt

We enjoy our work and our proud of our clients, employees, subcontractors and our communities. Our Critical Success Factors are our commitment to customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, commitment to our communities In which we work, the safety of all of our clients and employees, and growth of our company and our clients and subcontractors.

Commercial Projects

We are proud of the fine Commercial projects we have had the honor to build. Below are just a few examples. Take a look... we think you will be impressed.

Bartholomew County Humane Society
Bartholomew County Humane Society

Our Professional Affiliations

We are proud members of some of the finest organizations in our industry.



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