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Industrial Construction

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Industrial Construction

We at Repp and Mundt have enjoyed being a part of many grand openings for our customers.

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Industrial Construction

At Repp and Mundt, Inc, we build new industrial complexes. We also re-model factories to the extent that we have built a new factory over an old one without disrupting the work schedule and process.

We have installed pits and bases without disrupting work schedules. We have jacked up buildings in order to put a basement underneath. We create loading docks and truck slips on a routine basis. We also perform many specialized industrial maintenance tasks which are not as dramatic but equally important and necessary to efficient production. We modify freezers and coolers, and we even replaced assembly lines In complex existing work conditions.

It’s one thing to go out into a field and build a new factory. This is relatively easy for us.  The harder part is working amidst equipment and shifts to resolve existing problems. Then, a contractor MUST know what they are doing.

We take pride In saylng that we have learned over our many years in business to accomplish some very difficult tasks that meet and exceed our customers expectations, satisfaction, and budget.

Working with Repp and Mundt

We enjoy our work and our proud of our clients, employees, subcontractors and our communities. Our Critical Success Factors are our commitment to customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, commitment to our communities In which we work, the safety of all of our clients and employees, and growth of our company and our clients and subcontractors.

Industrial Projects

We are proud of the fine Commercial projects we have had the honor to build. Below are just a few examples. Take a look... we think you will be impressed.

Bartholomew County Humane Society
Bartholomew County Humane Society

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